It has been three years since my last letter to you. Since then, Decowood has grown from strength to strength and continues to consolidate its value proposition, helping our clients accelerate change and achieve better results for a sustainable future, whether focusing on revenue, costs, or quality.

Our value proposition is still focused on two clear, complementary, and distinct areas:

Providing organizations with key insights for their objectives through the proactive use of all unstructured data, whether oral or written, whether it is already available or could be quickly generated. To do this, we always use the most sophisticated Speech and Text Analytics tools available on the market.

Effectively engaging with employees using elements of behavioral economics so that they perform in a way that will achieve the desired results.

To keep our value proposition for clients special and innovative, in recent years, we have launched and promoted the following key elements:

Premium team of trainers in commercial techniques, who are also experts in systematically using behavioral economics concepts.

Network of partnerships with a range of suppliers to ensure that any technological installations required by the client are carried out correctly.

Shaimaa, Decowood ’ very own innovative application, which has been in development for a couple of years to enable the pragmatic use of intelligence derived from what the clients and employees tell us.

Furthermore, we are exploring new areas all the time. These include our innovative collection management model and work on remote management, which are helping us to become a leading consultancy in Egyptian market.

Finally, I want to highlight the wonderful team of people that we are attracting and bringing together at Decowood from a range of disciplines. Without them, we might not have got where we are today.

Warm regards,

Rafaat, Shaimaa
Business Developer
February 2022