DecoWood After Sale Service prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients in the long-term, thanks to our professional Team who design, maintain and implement all clients’ needs.

DecoWood client sales experience is of utmost importance, the website was designed with that idea in mind to ensure optimum efficiency and a uniformly high standard of quality.

DecoWood was established in 2019, we design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, post-modern furniture available in the marketplace today.

DecoWood is an e-commerce platform that specializes in the full fledged customization of all aspects regarding furnishing your dream home.

Business scope

Our business scope is to provide high quality products using the unique materials in the market.
Offering a professional and quick delivery service
Maintenance service: we guarantee our products for up to 2 years.
We provide professional customer service.
We help you furnish your house based on international standards

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality products, using unique materials
and focusing on the clients’ delivery experience in order to provide

We look after our clients properly, consider their needs to deliver worldclass products and an unparalleled after sale service that would guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

Our vision

Our main goal is to maintain and advance our position as the region’s most efficient online furnishing store in Egypt and the middle East.

DecoWood aims to deliver a level of tranquility to our clients accompanied by an unmatched level of professional service in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Dependability, affordability and true expertise, our goal is to make our clients instantly recognize these merits once they think of the name Decowood.

Why should you choose DecoWood

We thank you for taking a few minutes to learn more about our company and how we can be YOUR source for quality furniture at affordable prices. Here are a few reasons that we make a great choice.

Providing high quality products in the market.

Qualified, trained and highly motivated staff.

Good planning and coordination to achieve the clients’ needs efficiently, effectively and within the requested timeframe.

Providing a professional after sales Service to ensure the highest level of satisfaction

DecoWood offers competitive prices with highest quality

A trusted name for a professional service

We translate your needs into reality at the most affordable price.

We care about your peace of mind


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We design, maintain and implement based on international standards.

Decowood will be your guide to create your dream home.

Your peace of mind is what matters the most.

Feel free to ask for your free consultation, with the most professional interior designers.